1. Still obsessed with @ravensbrewcoffee. #coffee #mokapot #bruinblend


  2. I feel like a joke for seriously thinking I have candida, but how else am I supposed to explain the dozens of things wrong with me?


  3. "Tomorrow" apparently never comes.


  4. Things you can learn from Cosmo: how to have sex with men, why not to have sex with men.


  5. There have been Pyrate Punx outside in the parking lot screaming for several hours now. Why won’t they go away?


  6. sirensongfashion:

    Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

    Gareth Pugh consistently gets it.

    (via ewwjalanis)


  7. Did you know we had a library? We’re working on a video viewing station and have just organized our mostly-political VHS collection. We’re getting a communal desktop, too! Our zines are organized now, too, and books will be soon. #cafeinfoshop


  8. gothreceptionist:

    This is a really big deal. Save the date.


  9. How ridiculous does it sound to blame a glam rock kick on my haircut?


  10. I’ve been cleaning the coffee maker since about 6, seriously, and by the time I’m actually able to satisfactorily brew any coffee, it’ll be time to go pick Raleigh up from work. I can only overlook so many roach bodies floating in the carafe, though, you know?