1. I just sliced two fingers open in a box fan. I don’t suggest you do the same.


  2. Forever broke, hungry, and sad.


  3. The downside to having no dryer and several roommates is that the clothes lines are always full. On the positive side, though, given the heat, everything dries really quickly, so I won’t have to leave my blanket dangling precariously off the side of the porch for long.

    I’m attempting to be productive for a little while. Wish me luck.


  4. I feel the same. #woundy #cats


  5. #yeats #tothesecretrose


  6. Because I’d like to eat before September, I’m selling some of my old paintings. These are little ones, as you can see. Acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped. One is a Tiger Trap reference, another a Smiths. $10 each, shipping included in the United States. 

    (Nail polish is ZOYA Pixie Dust in “Solange.”)


  7. I’m down to my last few bucks but went to buy a soda and a jug of cold water. My bandmate (who is a manager) bought the soda for me and had my friend at the register give me an employee discount. I’m really stressed out and depressed lately, but holy shit, is it good to know that people still care about me. Regardless of how tenuous some of our pasts have been, I have the best friends. 


  8. Nice to meet you, I’m sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of despair exasperated by financial aid hangups, premature student loan bills, and personal insecurity.


  9. In other depressing news, Fresno State has been emailing me every single day to remind me that my $3,149.50 in tuition and fees has to be paid by the 25th and I’m still not sure how we’re going about making that happen.

    If you haven’t gone to college yet, don’t bother with a university; you have so much to live for.


  10. I went all the way across town to the north side to get some bottles for my tincture and a bunch of vegetables and tapenade for really good sandwiches, then discovered that my wallet wasn’t in my bag. Naturally, I spent the next couple hours crying to Heatmiser and Elliott Smith and am now retaliating against myself with Dr. Pepper and chili Top Ramen.