1. I’ve been cleaning the coffee maker since about 6, seriously, and by the time I’m actually able to satisfactorily brew any coffee, it’ll be time to go pick Raleigh up from work. I can only overlook so many roach bodies floating in the carafe, though, you know?


  2. rgr-pop replied to your photo:Does this haircut make me look like a Gallagher?

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    Nobody gets it like you do, RGR.


  3. I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to de-grunge the coffee maker just so I can make myself a mug or two. #coffee #thestruggle #hotcupofbacteriadirtandroachremains


  4. Does this haircut make me look like a Gallagher?


  5. On a positive note, I purchased LUSH’s Big shampoo last week upon looking at my hair in the rear view mirror (pre-haircut) and realizing I needed a serious change. I was almost out of shampoo anyway, so I headed straight to the mall and grabbed a pot of Big. With tax, it was about $30, but upon first use, I found that I only needed maybe a quarter-sized blog (if that) to get my hair squeaky clean, so it should last me the better part of a year.

    The scent is nice, light, and fresh. It’s mostly citrus, which isn’t necessarily my thing, but it does smell clean and pretty. The shampoo is a sea salt scrub, so it’s comprised mostly of big salt crystals which feel great on the scalp. I’ve used it three times now and have never found it to be irritating. It lathers up nicely (tip: don’t try to work up a lather in your hands— make sure your hair is soaking wet and apply Big directly to your crown) and leaves my hair literally squeaky clean. Given that it is salt-based, it can be a little drying, so depending on your hair and how often you use Big or wash it to begin with, conditioner would probably be a good idea. (There is a Big conditioner in the form of a bar, but I have yet to try it. Maybe next paycheck.)

    The point of Big is to clarify and volumize hair, and I feel like it does just that. My hair is on the thin and limp side, but Big has made it look much fuller, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’ve found that my hair will still look pretty good for up to two days after washing with Big, and even once it gets a little dirty-looking, it looks much less limp than it did with my previous shampoo. (It might also help to note that I do blowdry and round brush my hair for additional volume and because I have natural curls and have gone back to wearing it straight.) I also can’t recall a time when my hair ever looked quite this shiny and felt this soft, and my scalp feels great, too.

    One of the best things about Big is that it’s also vegan. Quality, quantity, cleanliness, and it’s cruelty-free. I may never buy another shampoo again.


  6. i am going to make it through this year
    if it kills me

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  7. Our cat Momo was killed by two dogs the other night. A bunch of us stayed up all night with her until she could get to a vet, but once she got there, she didn’t last long. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a pet in the process of dying and it was absolutely heartbreaking. I regret every time I forced her out of my room, but I don’t regret staying up all night with her.

    I’ve been street harassed twice in the past maybe three days. Today’s incident was particularly miserable, and it took place at 9 AM, so I wasn’t awake enough to handle that level of objectification. Since I lost weight and became more “conventionally sexy” or whatever it is that’s happened to me, I’m having to get used to being treated like a sex object way more than I did when I was fat, and it isn’t coming easily. I can’t even think of myself as a sexual being because this shit makes me so uncomfortable. The amount of sex I have is incredibly small compared to the amount of everything else I do, especially if you look at my life prior to the last six months or so, and to be treated like something free to fuck when I’m trying to go about my daily life is incredibly jarring to me.

    Fuck this week entirely. I’m so glad it’s over.


  8. Corina gave me a haircut last night and today I was street harassed by 9 AM, so it must look good.


  9. Angel baby.


  10. Worst night.