1. midwesternstylingss:


    New Fresno noisecore this shit is sick listen to it.



  2. I’m trying to calm a head/heartache with Elliott Smith and lavender-rose-mullein-olive leaf tea, but there are blast beats coming from beneath my bedroom floor. I briefly napped through a series of stoner jams earlier. This might be hell.


  3. Anonymous asked: Everything cool, duder?

    Probably, but tell that to my brain. I’m alive, either way.


  4. midwestmoms:


    19 APRIL 2014


    I hate myself and I want to die, but I still like my band.


  5. We lived our lives in black.


  6. Despite depressive episodes and mild anxiety attacks, I’ve been pretty happy lately. That’s not something I’m used to saying, especially when romantic feelings are in any way involved, but I won’t dare complain about it. 

    (Basically, I haven’t died; I’ve just been busy enjoying someone else while I can.)


  7. Spring Break is almost over. I’m still a little upset that I’m still not in Makthaverskan. SHELTER with Ghost Noise is Saturday. I’m getting anxious about things again. I forgot that the human body gets hungry every four hours or so. I don’t know what to do with the rest of my day.


  8. tzebrablog:

    So uh, we have a Tumblr page now.  Here’s a video from a show we played a couple weeks ago at Peeve’s Public House in Fresno with Midwest Moms and Sci-Fi Caper.

    Follow Tyrannosaurus Zebra! We toured with them in January. Raleigh is a sweetheart, Paul is the king, and Nick is a jaded asshole. You’ll love them.


  9. AM anxiety. 


  10. gothreceptionist:

    Credit: Zero Lopez