1. Trying to give a dog IV fluids has been one of the most trying experiences of my life.


  2. We haven’t had wifi since Friday, so I’ve been unable to do most of my school work (convenient, given the fact that I have a bunch of research to do for a paper on mythology), get much of anything work-related done (just in time to need to input a bunch of survey results online and put in my hours for this week), watch Netflix, or do much of anything else. I’ve done the dishes three times today because I have so little to do and can’t stand to sit in my room for extended periods of time. Thank god no one else seems to be doing them lately.

    What did we do before the internet, read books? What a world.


  3. Should I wear these to Veni Vidi Vici tonight? Yes or yes? #shoes


  4. I bought a $10 pair of shiny platform shoes because “Dead Man’s Party” came on and I took it as a sign.


  5. Today would have been the Bel-Tower’s fourth anniversary. It still makes me cry if I think hard enough about it. Without it, I would probably not be in bands, a week from having lived at the Infoshop for an entire year, employed with an incredible union that understands my needs as a student, or happily coupled with a man whose band I unknowingly introduced into the Fresno scene. Everything would be completely different. Regardless of all the money, time, and sleep I lost, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Punk and DIY have meant everything to me in one way or another for the better part of my life, and I hate to think there are kids out there who never have the opportunity to take part in something so huge.

    I’ve also been without wifi and the ability to do almost anything school-related since Friday, so I’m going to pretend my tears are stress-related.


  6. Without wifi, I’m not sure what to do with myself besides worry about how long I’ll have to go to college with no internet.


  7. We have even more tapes for you to enjoy now, including live footage and music videos from REM, Depeche Mode, Morrissey, and Smashing Pumpkins. #cafeinfoshop


  8. 'Tis the season for slightly premature ghost socks.


  9. I might be Raleigh’s mom.


  10. Bathroom guardian. Keeper of the stalls.