1. Bel-Tower workshop ideas!

    • Vegan baking
    • Fermentation (soda, yogurt, kimchi, sourdough)
    • Seitan
    • Basic info on veganism, vegetarianism, and raw and gluten-free eating
    • Music lessons
    • Songwriting
    • Recording
    • Live sound
    • Distro/venue/small business management
    • Sewing
    • Screen printing
    • Making herbal supplements at home
    • DIY general health, DIY “women’s health”, DIY mental health
    • First aid
    • Pet health
    • Yoga
    • Bike maintenance

    Any other ideas? Anything you’d like to teach here in Fresno in the next few months?

  1. theorbweaverknits answered: I can try and teach knitting if you would like.
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