1. A couple of years ago (I have no idea when), my mom got me Tarina Tarantino’s Jewel Box Palette, which is this gorgeous silver jewelry box with tons of storage, 12 shadows, mascara (I love this mascara, even though I never use it), a red lipgloss, and a primer.

    I was already over my Tarina Tarantino obsession, mostly because I realized her jewelry was nowhere near worth what it cost, but I was pretty stoked on this box. The shadows in it are kind of an odd assortment, I must say, but some of them are truly fantastic, such as the one I used as liner in the picture. (For a pretty good review of the box as a whole, go here.)

    I’m mostly here to say I’m stoked that I was able to line my eyes with a color almost identical to the shirt I’m wearing for this interview tonight. (Who am I kidding? I dress like this every day now.) The picture sucks, because I don’t own a real camera, but both the liner and the shirt are a nice wine color. I love it.

    But also, Tarina Tarantino has become a huge letdown and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m no longer 16 or because she’s gotten lazy and stayed overpriced.

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