1. I just put together 25 zines to bring to trade and give away at the SF Zine Fest this weekend. Nothing’s stopping me from making it out this year!

    If you see me (I’ll be the fat white girl with the weird faux-blonde hair, two inches of brown roots, back of the head shaved, probably wearing black pants with keys clipped to my belt loop and alpargatas), feel free to see what I’ve got. I’ll be happy to give you something and even happier to trade for other zines, money, or other fun stuff.

    I’m looking forward to the fest! I hope to bring some cool zines back to the Bel-Tower, meet some cool people, and hopefully make some great networking connections. Plus, I’ve got friends in the Bay that I never get to see and the weather is fucking wonderous.

    See you this weekend!


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