1. I just checked AFIslash.com for the first time in forever.

    For those who don’t know me, I used to write AFI slash fiction. A lot. Tons of it. To be honest, when I get really bored and can’t write anything else, I still try to add to the half-dozen or more stories just sitting on my computer. This is something I don’t talk about much, especially now, (and for sort of obvious reasons), but fuck it.

    Not gonna lie, I was stoked to find one of my favorite stories updated.

    Morticia Havok will always be a part of me, tucked away in the shadows but never dying.


  2. I miss the days when AFIslash was really active and I was churning out terrible gay fan fiction on a daily basis.

    I’m not even going to lie about it. People ask me how I got so good at writing characters; that’s exactly how it happened. I started writing that shit in, like, middle school and just stopped maybe a year or two ago. I wrote damn near every single day. I have tons of unfinished stuff just sitting around. I even started an entirely new fic last year. It’s like 100 pages long in Google Docs and I’ve never posted a word. I’m sure it would come as no surprise to anyone that I wrote a lot of angst.

    Fun fact: I started posting on AFIslash on August 26, 2006. I can’t even remember the last time I updated. I doubt anyone even cares anymore, although I’m really surprised to see that I’m still on the top ten most favorite authors heh.

    Some of my favorite authors still post now and then, but it happens so rarely that I can’t even use the site as something to kill time with. Bummer.


  3. Did anyone else notice that AFIslash suddenly got really active again this week?

    Did anyone else not read anything anyway?


  4. I don’t frequent AFIslash often anymore. Mostly because I’ve fallen in love with mychem’s Frerard, but also because for the past year or so the recent stories have just been kinda..blah. And i’ve read everything else lol

    To be honest, unless one of my favorite stories gets updated (which rarely ever happens), I mostly stop by to reread my own work. Sometimes it motivates me, other times it just pisses me off. Writing that shit definitely helped me grow as a writer, so it’s nice to be able to go back and compare my work over the years.

    I feel bad, but sometimes I won’t even read new stuff by people whose work I really, really liked. Sometimes it’s because I’ve realized they’re not quite as good as I thought they were and others it’s because I don’t want to be disappointed by that realization later heh.

    I miss the old days, though, when I had some really good friends there and wrote nonstop. My six year membership anniversary is at the end of August. Yikes.


  5. Today marks my sixth year as a member of AFIslash. Embarrassing? 


  6. blaqk audio songs are dave’s self-insertion fanfic
    — emily (via jawnpalace)

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  7. harmoniclunacy:

    things i’ve learned from fanfiction

    • you should always go into the coffee shop, never drive thru, because your soul mate probably works there and they are probably really attractive
    • also your soul mate could be the ta for your 8 o’clock class that you’re failing. you should probably ask them to tutor you.
    • your best friend is also a potential soul mate, you should probably check that out.
    • if one person is gay, all their friends are also gay. and are usually in a relationship.
    • girls don’t really exist, there’s only one or two girls ever
    • sometimes the maintenance guy of your apartment building can be your soul mate
    • if you’re a stripper, your soul mate is probably a doctor or a lawyer or something. so keep an eye out.

    Guilty of writing at least three of these, although I’ve never written anyone as a coffee shop employee; Jade and Davey just met at a coffee shop in Bitter For Sweet

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  8. On a semi-related note to all of this business, I’ve been working on a fic for over a year now and would kind of like someone to look it over and help me find out where I got so off-track that it’s probably a hundred pages long and has yet to reach any sort of climax. (I’m terrible with plot because life has no real plot and I can’t get past that.)

    If you don’t mind Advey and can prove yourself trustworthy, and if you use gmail, I will grant you the power to read it. There’s no rush at all; I’d just like to finish it someday and maybe post it.


  9. Heads up, if you’re on Slashland and want to do a Secret Santa fic this year, fill out your application or whatever before midnight on December 8.


  10. It’s such a bizarre experience when you read things by authors you’ve always greatly enjoyed and admired and realize their prose is about as pretentious and purple as it could possibly be. 

    Someone’s probably reading Bitter For Sweet or something and thinking the exact same thing about me. God, I hope so.