1. Tom Gabel of Against Me! comes out as transgender:

    Against Me! singer Tom Gabel reveals plans to begin living as a woman in the new issue of Rolling Stone. Gabel, who has dealt privately with gender dysphoria for years, will soon begin the process of transition, by taking hormones and undergoing electrolysis treatments.

    I am so, so stoked about her coming out. I guess Against Me! isn’t a totally mainstream band, but I definitely consider them mainstream as far as “alternative” music goes, so I think going public (especially in a magazine that does not cater exclusively to punks and the like) is an incredibly brave thing to do.

    I really hope that this inspires other entertainers, punk musicians or otherwise, to come out and support each other. I’m sure the response isn’t going to be totally positive, but I do hope that this spurs a real push for greater trans* acceptance and visibility in mainstream music. Laura has a large enough following that she’s definitely got a certain amount of visibility that most trans* people don’t have, and I’m sure she’ll make the most of it.

    I have so much respect for her, her wife, and her band. I’m stoked for her and hope she’s really happy.

    (via discoelitist)