1. Catching up on Blaqk Audio.

    I’m not entirely impressed, but some of it is nice. (To be real, I wish it was a little dancier… Maybe a bit more Erasure or Pet Shop Boys.) Sometimes, I can’t tell if I still give a shit about electronic music, but I know that deep down, I always will; I was a dancer for most of my life, so it’s like it’s part of me. Plus, even though I’m way too socially awkward to dance publicly (except on stage), I’m still definitely a dancer at heart. 

    A lot of my interests make me feel really out of place in hardcore and punk circles, though. It’s like I’m constantly trying to figure out who I am and what I genuinely enjoy and what I’m pushing aside because of my social circles. For years, I was all about makeup and looking fierce every time I left the house (this meant wearing fascinators, hats, and falsies with my band tees and jeans, basically), then all of the sudden, I didn’t wear a single spot of makeup. Now I’m getting back into it and wondering why I ever stopped (especially because I was nowhere near as broke then as I am now). I don’t consciously give a shit what anyone in the scene thinks or says about me, but I’m sure that somewhere inside, I care a lot. We all do.

    One thing I’m positive of, though, is that Davey Havok will probably eternally be one of my fashion icons. I have no idea why, except that the man has excellent taste in clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. He’s my beauty ideal, I think, which is the source of my apparent gender confusion.


  2. It’s like we’re on the same fashion wavelength. I got my jacket in the exact same color a few weeks ago. I also discovered the other day that this one pair of panties  I have matches it exactly.

    I need a haircut so I can get mine back in control.


  3. life-and-beauty:

    …so much nostalgia of old Davey Havok

    Davey Havok is my hard-femmespiration. Even in 2012. Fight me.

    (No really, though, look at that bone structure. Look at what his fashion sense has developed into lately. It rules.)

    (via fuckyeahhardfemme)


  4. I really don’t know. All I know is that Davey Havok is legitimately one of the only people on earth I find physically attractive in a way that’s more than just wanting to look like them (which is what “attractive” usually means for me).

    Ugh, get in my life, DXH. I sacrificed scene cred today by wearing an AFI shirt (from 2006— I know, what the fuck?). I’d sacrifice even more scene cred to hang out/dance with/interview/cook for/insert verb here with Davey Havok.


  5. Things that keep me caring about Davey Havok:

    • His ability to work the word “sparkle” into about half his lyrics these days.
    • Designer fashion (Louboutin loafers, McQueen scarves, et cetera)
    • Great hair
    • He’s still a babe
    • Middle school was an important time for me
    • Ambiguous sexuality

  6. My idol.


  7. I’m terribly sorry for all of the Davey Havok-related shit lately. I know it’s not punk or DIY or feminist of me, but summertime is very nostalgic for me, and Davey Havok is probably one of the most important figures from my preteen and early-to-mid-teen years. AFI was a gateway band for me, just like so many other kids. (Now they’re a gateway to crappy altrock, I think, which is kind of lame, but I have them to thank for probably at least a quarter of my favorite bands, if not more. They kind of started it all for me.)

    So, the new Blaqk Audio album is coming out later this year, and this track has apparently been on the radio and stuff. (I wouldn’t really know; I only listen to Coast to Coast AM and KFCF/KPFA.)

    Cold War (unofficial lyrics from BrightBlackHeaven.com)

    Did we have an understanding?
    Maybe I don’t understand
    All I know is that I feel so, I feel so…
    Had I known I’d kept it all from you
    Had I only known you’d want him too

    Did we have an understanding?
    Maybe I don’t understand
    I foresaw no part of this
    Oh, I am screaming in between collapsing
    Crumbling as I try to stand
    In my pretty fantasy I’m running at you with a gun in my hand
    Let the jury see, let the hammer fall
    Let your pitiful pleas mean nothing at all, nothing at all

    How dare you? I cannot believe what I’ve heard
    (It’s absurd)
    He’s prettier than you.
    How dare you?
    What’s worse is that I saw him first (Am I cursed?)

    I’ll never forgive you

    How dare you?
    I cannot believe what I’ve heard
    (It’s absurd)
    He’s prettier than you.
    How dare you?
    What’s worse is that I saw him first (Am I cursed?)
    I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you
    I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you
    What’s worse is that I saw him first

    Let’s discuss:

    • First off, lyrically speaking, Blaqk Audio is nothing compared to AFI. The lyrics are very up-front, not as metaphorical as most AFI lyrics. (To be honest, though, as I got older, I realized that Davey’s writing wasn’t as flawless as I thought. I say this as a writer who can’t write lyrics for shit, so whatever.) It’s all very black and white and a little lame, but it’s dance music, so that’s acceptable, I suppose.
    • Secondly, alright, the song itself is a little problematic. I’m not going to assume this is from Davey’s point-of-view (because I’m a writing student and, you know, that rule about the speaker and the writer being different people), but it’s definitely a little problematic to be, like, “She cheated on me, so I want to shoot her because she deserves it.” (I say this as a feminist who, you know, cares about shit like that or whatever.) Not that this isn’t a common theme, but I can’t call out The Descendents and then just let Davey Havok go.
    • Thirdly, there were parentheses around “He’s prettier than you,” but I removed them because I think that’s really open to interpretation. (Also because I’m still and AFIslash girl at heart and really love Davey Havok as a sexually ambiguous figure.) 
    • Fourth, I just really love that little bit there. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, those parentheses totally don’t belong there. I’m not gonna “protect the heterosexuality of the speaker” by assuming it’s the cheating girlfriend saying it, I’m going to assume it’s the speaker, especially because he goes on to say, “What’s worse is that I saw him first” more than once. Parentheses or not, there are definitely homosexual undertones. I really don’t think it’s the first time Davey’s done that, but I’m too lazy to look for examples right now because it’s after 1 AM and no one cares anyway.
    • Lastly, musically-speaking, this is one of the most interesting BA songs in a long while. I’m a fan of really dancey stuff, so only half of the first album really intrigued me. So far, this is the only BBH song I’m all that into.


  8. "How sad is it?" #2

    How sad is it that I want to look like a 36 year old man?


  9. Would it be incredibly bizarre of me to compare Davey Havok to Quentin Crisp?

    I mean, it’s far from obvious, but I hope that as he ages, he becomes like the Quentin Crisp of alternative music (I would say punk or hardcore, but then people would be upset, I’m sure). I think Morrissey is Crisp-esque, and he’s certainly got the unpopular opinion bit under his belt, but Moz isn’t quite as fashionable these days, whereas Davey Havok seems to get more chic with age (and probably climbing income).

    This is me hiding from my anxiety by thinking about AFI and pop culture, just as I’ve been doing since I was 12.