1. Bridgetown DIY is a collective of super cool people (bands, zinesters, general badasses) who are trying to get a legit all ages DIY space going in Southern California, where all ages spaces seem to be shut down weekly. Follow them on Tumblr, attend meetings if you’re in the area, spread the word, donate, whatever you can! We’re all in the fight for all ages DIY spaces together.



    I won’t be there, but Punk Tree Distro will have some of my zines (I hope; I sent them to her on Tuesday).

    If you’re in the area or have the means to get there, please don’t miss it! Do you see how many fucking awesome things are going on there? Do you!?


  3. I wish I was on my way to LA today.

    If you’re in the LA area, go to the LA zine fest this afternoon! It’s sure to absolutely rule. If I had money, I’d have been heading out right about now.

    Instead, I’m going to just sit at home and do homework. I might also take a shower, because I smell like an ashtray and my mullet looks beyond weird.


  4. I’m weirded out by the number of people who’ve found my blog today via the notes on one of Mikki’s posts from probably a month ago.

    Who are you? What do you want from me? Why are people unfollowing me now? I didn’t even talk about Davey Havok.

    I do use StatCounter, people.



  6. I finally got to go to Donut Friend this weekend and try two new vegan flavors: Javabreaker and Hüsker Blue. Both were super good. Also on the vegan food front, we went to lunch at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank and had vegan hot dogs, also delicious.

    I’m broke again and a little bored, but I’m pretty content with everything.