1. Punk is dead.

    I just got home from a high school friend’s wedding, complete with costumed reception. It was really nice, especially because so many of my old theater friends who’ve moved away came back to town (even though most of them have midterms tomorrow at UCSD or Cal State Fullerton). Those kids were like my family, so seeing them again was great. I wish it could happen more often. It makes me feel super old to have friends who are younger than me getting married, but I know that’s just the way it goes. I’m a kid myself, despite my being a legal adult.

    I also got a wonderful package from Robert Eggplant (Absolutely Zippo) today, which was wonderful. I’m really used to checking my PO box only to find it empty or full of junk mail for old PO box owners, so getting something worthwhile was wonderful. I have a few new zines to read and an awesome old comp to listen to.

    Happy Halloween.



  2. This is me pretending to be deeply engrossed inĀ ABSOLUTELY ZIPPO #48. It includes interviews with Jail from Forced Into Femininity, Alanna from Songs for Moms and RVIVR, and the gentleman behind the Midnites for Maniacs film series.

    Contact Robert Eggplant at PO Box 4985, Berkeley, CA 94704



  4. My shitty little zine collection, more formally known as the Bel-Tower zine library, complete with vegan propaganda.

    To donate to our collection, send zines to PO Box 391, Madera, CA 93639. I’ll send you something in return. New and used zines are all welcome.

    Almost all we have right now are my zines, a few issues of Cometbus, a few issues of Absolutely Zippo, a couple issues of Doris, and a small handful of other zines I’ve bought, traded, and been given. This is currently the only place in Fresno for people to read zines like this, so anything helps.