1. I miss the days when AFIslash was really active and I was churning out terrible gay fan fiction on a daily basis.

    I’m not even going to lie about it. People ask me how I got so good at writing characters; that’s exactly how it happened. I started writing that shit in, like, middle school and just stopped maybe a year or two ago. I wrote damn near every single day. I have tons of unfinished stuff just sitting around. I even started an entirely new fic last year. It’s like 100 pages long in Google Docs and I’ve never posted a word. I’m sure it would come as no surprise to anyone that I wrote a lot of angst.

    Fun fact: I started posting on AFIslash on August 26, 2006. I can’t even remember the last time I updated. I doubt anyone even cares anymore, although I’m really surprised to see that I’m still on the top ten most favorite authors heh.

    Some of my favorite authors still post now and then, but it happens so rarely that I can’t even use the site as something to kill time with. Bummer.


  2. I totally just stumbled across my old Quizilla account.

    Lord have mercy. I don’t know how I made such a career (if you can call it that) of fan fiction after all of that bullshit. It was terrible. And most of it was het, too, which seems like it should be harder to fuck up.

    One of the really shitty things about being a writer (whether you’re a zinester, a blogger, a journalist, a novelist, etc) is that when your work is published in any format, you’re bound to come across it again and again throughout your life, and over time, you grow to hate (or at least dislike or feel embarrassed by) probably half of it, but you usually can’t do much about it after it’s been published and circulated. I mean, you can often edit and republish, but the bullshit is already out there. Everyone’s already read it.

    I don’t know how I’ll ever make it in the industry because I tend to hate my work literally as soon as I turn it in or publish it somewhere.


  3. There was a time when I thought trigger warnings didn’t exist outside of fan fiction websites.


  4. blaqk audio songs are dave’s self-insertion fanfic
    — emily (via jawnpalace)

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  5. Someday in my academic career, I intend to write a paper on the subversive aspects and capabilities of fan fiction, citing in particular phenomena like slash and, even more specifically, Mpreg. Also, it’s (almost always) free, usually written by women, often written by people with little training in writing, and almost always blurs reality (even canon).


  6. Heads up, if you’re on Slashland and want to do a Secret Santa fic this year, fill out your application or whatever before midnight on December 8.


  7. It’s such a bizarre experience when you read things by authors you’ve always greatly enjoyed and admired and realize their prose is about as pretentious and purple as it could possibly be. 

    Someone’s probably reading Bitter For Sweet or something and thinking the exact same thing about me. God, I hope so.


  8. wetwasteofagirl just stroked my fan fiction ego so hard that it’s gone numb. It’s a shame I’ll probably never clean up and finish this monster so you fine folks can read it. (The few of you who’d be interested, anyway.)