2. Holy shit! I’ve done it!

    Once I finish the cover, otherXcore #3 is done!

    This means that it should be totally done tomorrow, which is great because I plan to be in the Bay Area on either Friday or Saturday to see Fifteen.


  3. Procrastination is eventually going to kill me.

    I’ve finished one page of a four-page paper on DuBois’ criticism of Booker T. Washington’s “Atlanta Exposition Address,” due tomorrow. I’ve got two more four-page papers due on the 26th, a six-page paper on “The Turn of the Screw” on May 1, a proposal and annotated bibliography for LGBTQ Lit due next Tuesday, I believe, and then that paper sometime in May as well as revisions of six poems and a revision of one of my CNF pieces.

    Can I die yet?

    Also, no one had any opinions on my Oscar Wilde question? I’d really like peoples’ thoughts on it heh. Or maybe no one knows what the hell I’m talking about?

    Jeff Ott sent me a picture of the Morton Salt plant in Utah on Facebook. Jeff Ott knows I love Jawbreaker.


  4. Can I stop being desperate and depressed for one day?

    No? Alright, then. Guess I’ll just listen to more stupid ’90s punk and cry about it.


  5. I think I would gladly get a Fifteen tattoo despite complicated Jeff Ott feelings.

    Also, I just remembered that I saw Fifteen at Gilman (first Gilman show, aww) last New Year’s Eve. I walked all the way from somewhere on Haight near Ashbury to the Mission and 24th BART station, took that to North Berkeley, met a guy on the train who walked with me to the show. I ran into HekkaBekka (who was drunk, obviously, but stoked to see me), then ran into Meredith and hung out with her and the rest of Courtney and the Crushers for a while. The show ruled. Afterward, the guy walked me back to the BART station and I took the train back to Mission and 24th and then walked all the way to Mission and Trumbull because no one was sober enough to pick me up, I had no bus money, and there were no cabs because it was New Year’s Eve.

    Alright, based on memories alone, I’d totally get a Fifteen tattoo.


  6. BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Ott just posted a selfie on Facebook.


  7. Fifteen or Crimpshrine? I’ll like you either way, but this is an important question.


  8. Fifteen//No Tion