1. Hmmm…

    Contemplating how to work some nice gender issues into my ten page short story, due Wednesday…

    I should probably stop writing from male perspectives and use something more like my own voice for once, too. I am womyn, hear me… type? Narrate? Something like that.



  2. Folklore

    For my Creative Fiction class, we were given a folklore story to imitate. I’m terrible with folklore, so I ended up with a really awkward story that takes place in a similar but different dimension where women and people of color are held in higher regard but genderqueer people are still marginalized and forced to hide. It’s truly terrible.



  3. Thinking way too much about gender identities.

    Gender has been on my mind a lot lately, partially because several of my papers have been (at least in part) about gender, and today, after I read about Laura Jane Grace, I’ve been unable to get it off my mind. (Tumblr usually spurs questions of gender and sexuality anyway, which is probably a big part of what keeps me here.)

    I identify as a woman (which is what I was born as) , but referring to myself as one weirds me out, for some reason. It’s almost like I try to forget about gender even though, as a feminist, it’s something that comes up pretty much daily. I definitely don’t feel male, though, as much as I’ve often wished I did. There have been times when I’ve been pretty sure that I was a gay man in a straight woman’s body, but tons of people say that shit. My renewed interest in makeup and vanity in general has further complicated things, but now I have something further anchoring me to feminine “norms,” whereas before, I suppose I had even less to make me feel feminine.

    I’m kind of just typing as I think and getting some thoughts out. I know this is something a lot of us think about and have to muddle through. Sometimes it’s tiring and weird.

    I wonder how much I confused my classmates when I read from my final CNF revision, which had a lot of shit about gender and sexuality. In my first draft, I think they all assumed I was a lesbian. Now, they probably just think I’m weird. (I made it clear, though, that I’m not a lesbian. I’ll identify as queer, but I usually feel kind of bad about it because I’m practically sexless and feel weird with any sexual identity.)


  4. Oh, cool, people reblogging my post and saying I want to be oppressed.

    I realize “queerplatonic” is a ridiculous thing, but it also makes sense sometimes. I think there can definitely be a difference between best friends and lovers, and I think that’s what it addresses. (And also, if you can’t tell by my playful run-on sentences and the like that I’m being facetious, you wouldn’t know me well enough to know whether I was serious or not anyway.)

    To assume that I would refer to something as “queer” just because I think it’s cute is pretty fucked, though, and it does happen a lot, especially to people on the asexual spectrum. Whether or not asexuality makes somebody queer is debatable, but there are plenty of asexual people who are queer in a ton of other ways. Believe it or not, not all asexuals are straight or cis. As for myself, I’m still trying to figure it out, but I know that my gender is much more complicated than just female. I’m very much leaning towards genderqueer; I feel that trans* would be completely incorrect because I don’t necessarily feel male, especially not enough to identify as one on a daily basis. And as for the sexuality aspect of queer (which is more important to most people than any other aspect, which I think is bullshit), I am gray-a, but saying I’m 100% unwaveringly into straight cis males would be total bullshit. 

    My queerness isn’t really any less relevant than yours just because I don’t want to fuck most people, as far as I’m concerned.