1. Time to go stare at the sky and be witchy and sad and embrace the feminine energies in the air.


  2. I was going to go to the movies after work and finally see “Moonrise Kingdom,” but instead I went to Bel-Tower and got goth with Nate until he had to retire before the infamous Bel-Tower ghost came out.

    Work sucks, but I got the only pledge today. Eh. I’d rather work in retail.


  3. funkypunks:

    too goth to go to sleep
    too punk to do anything while awake

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  4. The Cure- Disintegration (album)


  5. apathyblog:

    Me and my Fresno friends on my last night there.

    Satanic crew at the Bel-Tower.

    Night consisted of bad Danzig impersonations, laughs, beer, wine, Ouija board, and loads of goth music (which only me and Sam Retton liked).

    I already miss them.

    But more importantly than my last few posts, these are some of my very best friends (read: only friends) and I love them to death and miss goth nights with Nate.

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  6. Am I babysitting a middle school dance? I feel like I might be.