1. I always feel my best when my eyebrows are fresh.

    Also: Traditional Medicinals Female Toner tea is pretty tasty, and I can’t speak to its efficacy yet, but it has lots of good things in it (spearmint leaf, rose hip, raspberry leaf, licorice root, strawberry leaf, lemongrass leaf, lemon verbena leaf, nettle leaf, ginger rhizome, angelica root, blessed thistle herb, chamomile flower, cramp bark), and I’ve read some excellent reviews, so I’m thinking it’ll be good for me.

    Also also: I keep spelling “tradicional” instead of “traditional” and using British spellings instead of American ones, so if I start slipping into other spellings or languages, ignore it.



  3. This is what it might look like if I was trying to awkwardly kiss you.

    I felt cute when I was taking weird pictures to send to someone (not those kind of pictures, bro. Calm down.), but now I just feel even more awkward.

    Whatever. It’s officially time to drown my sorrows in Jawbreaker.


  4. I just want my period to start so the pain and bloating will stop for a week or two.


  5. GPOY


  6. I’m having an excellent hair and eyebrow day today, and I realized I haven’t taken a shower since Tuesday.

    A woman told me today that I looked like I should be on American Idol. By that, I assume she meant I kind of look like I want to be Adam Lambert or Sanjaya or something. I said I didn’t have the talent for that (ehhhh) and she replied, "Your talent is your look."

    I’m pretty down with that.

    In other news, it’s zine-making time. If you have submissions, email them to otherxcore@gmail.com or mail them to PO Box 391, Madera, CA 93639. I’ll probably be accepting them for another few weeks.


  7. On trend for summer 2012: terrible brassy ombre hair.


  8. Terrible brassy ombre hair.

    Why haven’t you done this to your head yet?

    Also, someone please come cut my hair because it’s getting so tall that it’s starting to make me feel weird. The white ends (which are beautiful, but they’ll be gone once I finally get a hair cut, leaving me with nothing but brass) really accentuate the height.