1. I’m going to be honest here.

    My armpits are totally brutal these days. My father’s Italian genes are quite strong, and for years, I really hated that, but these days, I don’t care. I no longer mind being short, fat, and hairy, because there’s totally nothing wrong with it, no matter what people seem to think. My family can think I’m gross all they want, but hey, they made me this way.

    Speaking of armpits, I occasionally use Tom’s of Maine long lasting deodorant, and when I shaved, it would turn my armpits red and make them itchy and peely. Since I’ve stopped shaving, I haven’t used the deodorant much (mostly because it’s not 110 degrees anymore), but lately, I’m noticing peeling skin again. It doesn’t burn, and it doesn’t really itch, but I’m not exactly fond of having my skin flaking off. I’ve also found (and a friend said the same thing) that if I actually do sweat, the deodorant makes me smell way worse than I do without it, which blows.

    I’m not sure which of the ingredients it is that’s bothering me, but upon reading a number of reviews, it seems that this particular formulation irritates a lot of people’s skin. Is anyone aware of a better natural deodorant, preferably one that doesn’t cost much more and comes in a lavender scent?


  2. What I learned in Makeup for Theater today:

    • I apparently really do have a lazy eye because it’s shown up in every picture from that class.
    • My neck looks too small for my head.
    • When I do corrective makeup for a large stage, I look just short of Ziggy Stardust or a Noel Fielding character.
    • I blend too much for theater. Probably because I don’t do theater anymore.

  3. Coughing up green phlegm fucking rules, especially when tonsililiths keep coming up, too. I should probably stay home from makeup class for sanitation reasons, and quite possibly to see a doctor, but ugh. On the plus side, I feel way better and have more of a voice than I have for the past few days.


  4. My mom just read me a Yahoo article (she reads everything online out loud and most of it comes from the Yahoo front page) about a guy who found a large amount of ambergris on a beach and it’s worth a ton of money because it’s used in a lot of perfumes, but apparently, ambergris is secreted in the intestines of the sperm whale and found in their fecal matter and vomit.

    She has ruined perfume for me for life.


  5. Still wheezing up green globules. Life is grand.


  6. July

    Your eyes spoke to me in ways you couldn’t find the words to with your mouth,

    And our lips found understanding in kisses, but words never came.

    Your hands found new territory in my skin, skin I wouldn’t bare for fear of being vulnerable,

    And now here I am, miles away from your hands, your lips, your eyes, 

    and you’ve yet to say a thing.