1. Holy shit…

    Do I shave the sides of my head and keep growing my mullet or do I get rid of the mullet and go for a pompadour?

    So conflicted.


  2. My hair has changed my life.

    Hairspray and pomade are my best friends. My eyebrows have to be in tip-top shape every day. I feel much more fabulous.

    And the lads and ladies dig it.


  3. Hair question for people with experience with Manic Panic dyes:

    I’ve already kind of got an ombre thing going on (really, I’ve just been too lazy to bleach my roots, so I’ve got about an inch of blonde on my ends and then my natural dark brown), but I kind of want to throw some lilac in the mix. I’ve got a bottle of Ultra Violet, which I used once before, and I’m wondering if I might be able to achieve a more obvious ombre by dyeing all of the length with it, followed by conditioner for more of a color wash look (lightest at the ends, of course)? Anyone ever done that and had any luck?

    Or would it probably be easier to just bleach my hair and maybe go for dark ends and light roots?


  4. And now for the obligatory picture of myself.

    I didn’t make my hair tall and fluffy today, but the rain and wind ruined it nevertheless. 

    But my contouring looks excellent.


  5. Punk problems: fried hair edition.

    My rat-tail thing is all fried out and gross. It’s halfway to a dread at this point. My “bitch handles” (I fucking hate that term and would rather incorrectly refer to them as sideburns) are looking similarly shitty right now.

    They generally look fine after a good washing and conditioning, but it kind of scares me that they get so nasty and crispy after a day or two.

    By the way, if you’ve got $25 to spare and have a Nordstrom rack near you, I suggest investing in a set of Bed Head shampoo and conditioner (the huge bottles). I’ve been using Moisture Maniac (my mom bought it because every time she gets a haircut, the stylists tell her the shampoos she’s using have too much alcohol and are too drying for her color-treated hair), and my hair’s been way nicer (aside from my tail, which is just in dire need of a trim anyway). I suppose you could also steal Bed Head products if you really wanted, but they’re often locked up because they’re so damn pricey heh. I think they’re pretty worth the money if you bleach your hair often, have naturally dry hair, or live in a really dry climate. (Of course, if you don’t mind your hair looking dry, don’t bother heh. I’m just really picky about mine.)

    Is there a zine on rat-tail care yet? There has to be.


  6. I can’t find who suggested it to me (Tumblr must be weird on Internet Explorer, because I’m not used to the way it looks on this computer and a bunch of shit isn’t showing up, but my laptop is god knows where right now), but whomever suggested Moroccan argan oil for my hair, thanks!

    I ended up with FX’s “Moroccan Moisture” (because it was the cheapest I could find) so it’s got a lot of random chemicals and shit in it, but it smells AMAZING and my hair’s been really soft. It’s still getting a little weird and kinky on one of my sides, but maybe I just need to trim it a little more.


  7. Did anyone notice how I disappeared for a few days?

    My friends kidnapped me on Monday and I just got home a couple hours ago. Rainbow bleached my ends for me tonight, so now all I need is a really good toner or purple shampoo and a haircut. My hair is currently folded over on top of my head because that’s what it naturally does and it sucks. 

    I’ve eaten almost nothing but Blow Pops and Otter Pops for the past couple of days and my energy level really reflects that. 


  8. On trend for summer 2012: terrible brassy ombre hair.


  9. Terrible brassy ombre hair.

    Why haven’t you done this to your head yet?

    Also, someone please come cut my hair because it’s getting so tall that it’s starting to make me feel weird. The white ends (which are beautiful, but they’ll be gone once I finally get a hair cut, leaving me with nothing but brass) really accentuate the height. 


  10. I’d like to take a second to acknowledge my unintentional flock of seagulls hairdo. I love it.