1. I wrote this paper last semester, and I’ve been planning to illustrate it, maybe expand it, and put it out as a zine. If I don’t do that, I may just include it in otherXcore #3.

     Many school personnel are undertrained in dealing with LGBTQ issues and 72% of teachers-in-training who were surveyed were found to hold negative views regarding LGBTQ youth (Graybill). Interviews suggest that many counselors have trouble discussing things like gay and lesbian relationships because “rarely will a straight male go to a male teacher who takes the position of being an adviser to discuss his girlfriend” (Graybill, Varjas, Meyers, & Watson); in other words, some advisers are unused to dealing with even heterosexual relationships directly, so the idea of confronting homosexual relationship issues is even more daunting and uncomfortable. Another issue regarding counseling is that many counselors neglect to address issues not related to academics; that is, many school counselors focus more time and effort on helping students further their academic careers than on their social needs and concerns (van Wormer & McKinney, 2003).



  2. mimimemeko:

    Our society is:


    “Straight until proven gay”


    “Black, asian, and normal”


    “Male=gender neutral”


    “Getting married one day is inevitable and compulsory.”


    “Marry someone of the opposite sex, have several biological children, form a nuclear family. Everyone does this eventually.”


    “Are you religious? = Are you Christian?”


    “Lady Gaga has a penis? Lol so she’s been a man this whole time???”


    “You’re with a girl? Oh, so you’re gay now? Now you’re with a guy? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”

    Yes, yes, yes!

    (Source: lesbolution)