1. Alright, retail/makeup therapy time.

    I should have a little extra money this month, so I’m going to do myself a favor and order a tube of liquid lipstick from SweetPea and Fay, but I’m not sure which color I want.

    Help me out?

    I’ve got pretty neutral skin, but I’m not really concerned with all of that.

    Colors I’m feeling include:

    • Beluga (2nd row, 2nd color)
    • Nordic (2nd row, 3rd color)
    • Yeti (2nd row, 4th color)
    • Scuba Gear (3rd row, 2nd color)
    • Heliotrope (5th row, 1st color)

    Not gonna lie, I’m particularly fond of Nordic and Yeti, but I can’t decide which makes more sense for me. Any ideas?


  2. My SweetPea and Fay liquid lipgloss in “Nordic” finally made its way into my hands and onto my face today. It goes on easily (this is one coat) and smells like vanilla frosting, which is nice but slightly torturous.

    One of my favorite things about this is that it accidentally matches Essie’s “Lilacism” nail polish, as seen in the third picture. I think that rules.

    I know it’s a little weird for my coloring (I think if I went back to darkening my hair, my skin would lose its healthy color and such a cool shade would make more sense), but fuck it, I’ve never been one to really care about any of that. I used to wear lighter foundations just so I’d look less lively and I spent $8 on a grayish-blue lip color.

    I gave in and ordered “The Gilded Lady” today, since it was on sale. I think it’ll work better on my skintone, but I’m mostly concerned with just how gold and sparkly it’ll look.


  3. SweetPea and Fay liquid lipstick in “The Gilded Lady.” It’s definitely more bronze than gold (I think it looks a bit lighter in these pictures than it does in person), but it’s nice, and the shine is apparent but not distracting. It’s a pretty wearable shade, and it definitely suits my coloring better than Nordic (but I don’t give a fuuuuck). It just takes a little time to build it up and get it nice and even.It doesn’t have the incredibly tantalizing vanilla scent that my Nordic did, but that’s totally unimportant to me.

    I feel like it would be way more impressive with eye makeup.