1. This is what I look like when posing awkwardly in front of my webcam on a speech day.


  2. I’m so in love with this huge cardigan. I’m not sure how smart it is to wear leggings instead of pants in February, but whatever.


  3. I feel okay today.


  4. This is what it might look like if I was trying to awkwardly kiss you.

    I felt cute when I was taking weird pictures to send to someone (not those kind of pictures, bro. Calm down.), but now I just feel even more awkward.

    Whatever. It’s officially time to drown my sorrows in Jawbreaker.


  5. Things that make me feel weird and confused:

    • weighing just under 190 pounds for the first time since elementary school
    • wearing a shirt I bought in 2009 for the first time because it finally fits
    • wanting platform sneakers
    • realizing I have a shoe addiction
    • my face in this picture

  6. I wish I could take a picture that would actually capture the wonderful shape I managed to get my eyebrows into today. I also think my contouring was done quite well today, although I look a little redder than usual. (I generally look mostly colorless or just a little pink.) I’ve got a gnarly pimple over my left brow today, too. Hormones rule.

    Also: I got a bottle of Desert Essence tea tree oil mouthwash today. I’ve used it twice and I love it already. It makes my mouth feel clean, slightly minty, and it isn’t drying because it has no alcohol. Way better than Listerine and shit, especially because it’s natural. Tea tree oil is also an excellent antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal. It’s great for healing wounds, too.


  7. And now for the obligatory picture of myself.

    I didn’t make my hair tall and fluffy today, but the rain and wind ruined it nevertheless. 

    But my contouring looks excellent.


  8. Good thing the laptop I still have access to has a way better webcam than my good laptop.

    It’s a shame I couldn’t capture the five straight minutes of posing I did in my mirror. I was serving androgynous goth realness.


  9. Are you sick of my epic webcam faces yet?

    I’m incredibly vain for someone who hates herself probably 60% of the time. Hate myself, love my face (but mostly my hair).


  10. Note to self: stop getting webcam-happy.

    I had a job interview at Macy’s this morning. It was my third one there. I don’t know why they even bother anymore; my resume hasn’t changed or anything. It’s not like I’m suddenly more qualified.

    When I went to MAC to finally invest in a good cream highlight (cream colour base in “Shell”), my hair and nails were repeatedly fawned over. I must admit, I love it when that happens.

    Also, I had a total outfit crush on the singer of Paint Fumes tonight. That crushed velvet cloak/top was gettin’ it so hard.