I think I was 15 here? Maybe 16? I’m sure this was my Vampire Freaks profile picture at one point. Feel free to laugh at me, because laughing at myself is the only way I can acknowledge how great I am.


  2. I miss the days when AFIslash was really active and I was churning out terrible gay fan fiction on a daily basis.

    I’m not even going to lie about it. People ask me how I got so good at writing characters; that’s exactly how it happened. I started writing that shit in, like, middle school and just stopped maybe a year or two ago. I wrote damn near every single day. I have tons of unfinished stuff just sitting around. I even started an entirely new fic last year. It’s like 100 pages long in Google Docs and I’ve never posted a word. I’m sure it would come as no surprise to anyone that I wrote a lot of angst.

    Fun fact: I started posting on AFIslash on August 26, 2006. I can’t even remember the last time I updated. I doubt anyone even cares anymore, although I’m really surprised to see that I’m still on the top ten most favorite authors heh.

    Some of my favorite authors still post now and then, but it happens so rarely that I can’t even use the site as something to kill time with. Bummer.


  3. aww


    Remember when emo boys use to makeout with each other, those were the days… 


  4. Resist and Exist at The Bel-Tower last year. I miss these days so fucking much.


  5. Am I really listening to American Idiot right now? What year is it?


  6. I honestly don’t think I’ve listened to this album since sometime before I saw American Idiot on Broadway, which was during previews, so 2010 or earlier? I must say, my listening experience is much fuller having seen it. No regrets (except not seeing Davey Havok as St. Jimmy, for obvious reasons).


  7. Let it be known that I did, indeed, cry watching iGoodbye. (I cry all the time, though.)


  8. I think I would gladly get a Fifteen tattoo despite complicated Jeff Ott feelings.

    Also, I just remembered that I saw Fifteen at Gilman (first Gilman show, aww) last New Year’s Eve. I walked all the way from somewhere on Haight near Ashbury to the Mission and 24th BART station, took that to North Berkeley, met a guy on the train who walked with me to the show. I ran into HekkaBekka (who was drunk, obviously, but stoked to see me), then ran into Meredith and hung out with her and the rest of Courtney and the Crushers for a while. The show ruled. Afterward, the guy walked me back to the BART station and I took the train back to Mission and 24th and then walked all the way to Mission and Trumbull because no one was sober enough to pick me up, I had no bus money, and there were no cabs because it was New Year’s Eve.

    Alright, based on memories alone, I’d totally get a Fifteen tattoo.


  9. When AFI did the stupid New Year’s Eve MTV thing in 2006/7, a bunch of my friends came over and watched it with me.

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  10. Sci-Fi Caper covering Still Stoked for Fresno Covers Fresno at Tokyo Garden