1. "Wut about teh menz!?"


  2. No one’s gonna “like” or comment on my FB post about Descendents having a lot of misogynist lyrics.

    Everyone knows it’s true, but no one wants to admit it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy listening to Descendents. I’m just not fond of, like, 1/3 of their lyrical content.

    Pop-punk is historically pretty shitty towards women. It also happens to be my favorite kind of music. Funny how that worked out.

    No one cares and I’m not punk anymore because I’m too PC. 


  3. You have no idea how glad I am that my Descendents post is one of my most popular ones.

    Someone on Tumblr had to say it. And I was right: literally no one “liked” or commented on that post on Facebook.

    I know how uncomfortable it can be to realize how shitty one of your favorite bands is in one way or another. I feel that way about AFI sometimes when I think about how much privilege Davey Havok has probably always had despite all his lyrical whining. I’ve always been the same way, though; I just try to keep my privilege in mind and acknowledge that others have it a lot worse.

    Sometimes, though, as much as those realizations suck, they can be really important. There’s this idea that punk is perfect, that there’s no sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any of that other shit, but when we look at things like the lyrics to “Hope,” (which, sadly, is one of my favorite Descendents songs as far as the melody goes), it’s like a reminder that this shit is out there. There’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms of creating a community that’s all-inclusive and fun for everyone.

    Yeah, it sucks when someone you like doesn’t wanna fuck you. However, as much as I adore pop-punk (and I really, really do, especially the ’90s stuff), I’m sick of this “friend-zone” misogynistic bullshit. I’m all for songs about unrequited love as long as they don’t make anyone out to be a whore or a tease just for wanting something different.

    Now let’s all go listen to J Church and think about inclusivity in punk spaces. 


  4. wonkycactus:






    I am so fucking sick of seeing really, really sexist pop punk douche bro bands that push awful, slut-shaming, misogynistic lyrics, get popular without enough people calling them on their shit, or even defending them for it. I wish Latterman were still here.

    alright, i’m only saying this because i’m tired of seeing people get all butthurt about so called “sexist” lyrics. so what? they’re calling girls out on being sluts. and writing lyrics from experience. since when the fuck is that so wrong? girls can be sluts. it’s a fact. guy’s can be assholes. that’s a fact also. hell, call me an asshole. i know i am sometimes. but seriously? getting shitty because a band is writing lyrics about girls and experiences they’ve gone through? it’s music for fucks sake. just lay back and enjoy it. 

    let people write whatever the fuck they want. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. If a girl ripped me to pieces like some bands sing about, I’d sing about it to. I have sung about it, I will continue to sing about it, because it comes from an honest place. There’s nothing in the world that can make you feel as worthless as being hurt by the ones who matter most to you.

    ^this, exactly.

    and to popscenesters, im just saying that girls can be sluts. a slut is defined as an immoral or dissolute woman. so parker cannon decides to write about half of the girls in college. and girls he’s had experiences with. and jason butler decides to do it too. so what? why do you have to get so shitty about it? i’m not getting shitty with you, at all. i respect your opinion, i just don’t agree with it at all. as i’m sure you don’t agree with mine.


    I’m just saying that guys can be misogynists. A misogynist is defined as someone who hates women. So Rob decides to write about like half of the dudebros in the punk scene. And misogynists he’s had experiences with. So what? Why do you have to get so shitty about it? I’m getting shitty with you and I don’t respect your opinion and I just don’t agree with it at all.

    In other news, lolol catch a grip pal.

    I think that by now, everyone knows where I stand on pop punk (love the shit out of it) and misogyny (hate it to death). Descendents have made some truly awesome music, and they’re fun to listen to, but their lyrics have a tendency to be really misogynistic. It’s a really common problem in pop punk. Writing from experience is great, yeah, but writing songs about how girls don’t wanna fuck you even though you were a nice guy and now you’re all bitter about it and hoping they get abused in their next relationships and then go “omg, he was so great, I wish I’d fucked him instead” is just stupid. Wanna know why girls don’t want to fuck you? Because you’re an asshole.

    Just saying. Women get dumped, women don’t always get to fuck who they want (contrary to popular belief), women get raped and beaten and murdered, but the amount of women writing bitter songs about their experiences that have no interest in changing anything is quite small.

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  5. The most hilarious thing about this, to me, is that there are two tracks by The Mentors on their own fucking tribute album.

    Not surprising: Thrawtle, a shitty Fresno bar rape rock band, has a track on this. There’s a whole rape rock bar scene here. So not into it.

    Call rape rock a joke genre all you want, but there are plenty of people who’ve been raped who will tell you it’s anything but a joke. I’m a member of the Central Valley PC Police, for sure, but I think this is just a common decency thing. It sounds like shit anyway.


  6. Straight Edge girls….


    Where you at, I mean… I never see any in real life.

    This irritates me. A lot.

    It seems like there are only two major groups of straight edge dudes: ones who don’t think women can be edge and ones who think no women are. There are, of course, men outside of these groups, but fuck, I’m sick of seeing posts asking where the straight edge girls are. One, perhaps just try dating girls who you like and who like you; sometimes awesome people aren’t 100% sober. Two, what the fuck makes you think half the girls you see on a day-to-day basis aren’t edge? Are we required to walk around with fucking diamond hoodies and make sure we X up before we go to the grocery store? Are we not allowed to just look however we want to look and maybe not advertise the shit out of our lifestyles?

    "I never see edge girls in real life, but I see them on Tumblr." What’s that? You think they’re all lying about it for points on the internet or something? I could say the same for edge dudes. I personally know maybe eight or ten edge people total; at least half are women. Just looking at us, you probably wouldn’t know we were straight edge, unless we happened to be wearing straight edge band shirts, but even then, that’s a shitty assumption. This goes for the men and the women. We wear jeans and sneakers and band tees, just like everyone else. Some of us have tattoos, some of us don’t, just like everyone else. I don’t see how there’s supposed to be this visual determinant at all times that separates us from everyone else when we’re just living our lives.

    If you’re out there looking for teased black hair, snakebites, and diamond-cut t-shirts, you might want to look around high schools and shit. If you’re an adult, it might be wise to grow up and start realizing that not everyone fits your little visual cues. Try going to shows once in a while.

    -Samantha “XfeministXkilljoyX” Retton

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  7. Oh, hey, guess what? A straight white dude is offended by something I said.

    "Kill all men" offends him, but saying he’s "looking out" for some fat "bitches" is totally cool.

    Apparently I’m also a cyberbully for commenting on his public status and then posting my own. Funny.


  8. I remembered something I wanted to mention!

    While, obviously, the practical answer to misogyny is not misandry, misogyny is systematic and often felt in very powerful, harmful ways whereas misandry is not even a fucking word in spell-check. When a woman makes a comment that is seen as misandrist, people are quick to shut her up and tell her how hurtful she is, but the fact of the matter is that very rarely do women rape men, very rarely do women beat or murder men, very rarely do women have the power to keep men down in terms of finances. Can it happen? Of course. Does it happen often? No fucking way.

    Misogyny is deeply ingrained in both men and women, and we let it slide every fucking day. Even feminists who’ve been dealing with feminist issues for decades engage in misogynist behavior. So while men (and women) might be offended by playful “anti-men” comments that really don’t mean shit, society still says it’s totally fine for men to be anti-woman in countless ways, and most people, even feminists, seem totally cool with that.

    Just as reverse racism doesn’t exist because minorities will never be in a position of systemic power, misandry will never be the same as misogyny because women will never have the power men do, especially queer women, trans* women, and women of color.


  9. casual-isms:

    Casual racism is calling out hip hop and rap for its misogynistic lyrics but ignoring all the sexism in other genres.

    Seriously, have you ever listened to metal? So much misogyny and everyone ignores it

    I don’t think there are many genres that aren’t guilty. Pop punk is so god damn bad about it (as I was reminded at a show last night, where some Taking Back Sunday rip-offs from my hometown played their new song, “Bitches and Hos”). That’s why one of my favorite pop punk bands is J Church; Lance wrote more about animal-friendly diets and anarcho-Communist ideals than sleazy shit.

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  10. apathyblog:

    for halloween i’m gonna be a misogynistic pop punk enthusiast

    FRIEND ZONE!!!!!!!!!

    Nate gets it.

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