1. Woah, hello, hella new notes.

    It’s fun to come home to new followers, likes, and reblogs.

    Tonight’s show was really fun, even though Amber (Fatty Cakes) was super sick and the turnout was really low. (No one ever goes to my shows, but the few people who do always have a great time because they know what’s up.)

    I love that I can book a show at the Infoshop because my home space is shut down, not make enough to pay them in full and my band, and they allow me to pay the band more. (It probably helped, of course, that I fed them.) I also love that I can lead a band to The Bel-Tower to stay the night and leave my keys to the building with them and know they’ll be responsible with them. That’s what DIY is all about.

    The Hoot Hoots were super cool and super nice, and they’re headed to Oakland tomorrow to play with Bam!Bam! (so good, featuring Fresno natives) and Nicole Kidman (Jon Barba, also so good). If you’re in the Bay, go check them out.


  2. I’m terribly sorry for all of the Davey Havok-related shit lately. I know it’s not punk or DIY or feminist of me, but summertime is very nostalgic for me, and Davey Havok is probably one of the most important figures from my preteen and early-to-mid-teen years. AFI was a gateway band for me, just like so many other kids. (Now they’re a gateway to crappy altrock, I think, which is kind of lame, but I have them to thank for probably at least a quarter of my favorite bands, if not more. They kind of started it all for me.)

    So, the new Blaqk Audio album is coming out later this year, and this track has apparently been on the radio and stuff. (I wouldn’t really know; I only listen to Coast to Coast AM and KFCF/KPFA.)

    Cold War (unofficial lyrics from BrightBlackHeaven.com)

    Did we have an understanding?
    Maybe I don’t understand
    All I know is that I feel so, I feel so…
    Had I known I’d kept it all from you
    Had I only known you’d want him too

    Did we have an understanding?
    Maybe I don’t understand
    I foresaw no part of this
    Oh, I am screaming in between collapsing
    Crumbling as I try to stand
    In my pretty fantasy I’m running at you with a gun in my hand
    Let the jury see, let the hammer fall
    Let your pitiful pleas mean nothing at all, nothing at all

    How dare you? I cannot believe what I’ve heard
    (It’s absurd)
    He’s prettier than you.
    How dare you?
    What’s worse is that I saw him first (Am I cursed?)

    I’ll never forgive you

    How dare you?
    I cannot believe what I’ve heard
    (It’s absurd)
    He’s prettier than you.
    How dare you?
    What’s worse is that I saw him first (Am I cursed?)
    I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you
    I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you
    What’s worse is that I saw him first

    Let’s discuss:

    • First off, lyrically speaking, Blaqk Audio is nothing compared to AFI. The lyrics are very up-front, not as metaphorical as most AFI lyrics. (To be honest, though, as I got older, I realized that Davey’s writing wasn’t as flawless as I thought. I say this as a writer who can’t write lyrics for shit, so whatever.) It’s all very black and white and a little lame, but it’s dance music, so that’s acceptable, I suppose.
    • Secondly, alright, the song itself is a little problematic. I’m not going to assume this is from Davey’s point-of-view (because I’m a writing student and, you know, that rule about the speaker and the writer being different people), but it’s definitely a little problematic to be, like, “She cheated on me, so I want to shoot her because she deserves it.” (I say this as a feminist who, you know, cares about shit like that or whatever.) Not that this isn’t a common theme, but I can’t call out The Descendents and then just let Davey Havok go.
    • Thirdly, there were parentheses around “He’s prettier than you,” but I removed them because I think that’s really open to interpretation. (Also because I’m still and AFIslash girl at heart and really love Davey Havok as a sexually ambiguous figure.) 
    • Fourth, I just really love that little bit there. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, those parentheses totally don’t belong there. I’m not gonna “protect the heterosexuality of the speaker” by assuming it’s the cheating girlfriend saying it, I’m going to assume it’s the speaker, especially because he goes on to say, “What’s worse is that I saw him first” more than once. Parentheses or not, there are definitely homosexual undertones. I really don’t think it’s the first time Davey’s done that, but I’m too lazy to look for examples right now because it’s after 1 AM and no one cares anyway.
    • Lastly, musically-speaking, this is one of the most interesting BA songs in a long while. I’m a fan of really dancey stuff, so only half of the first album really intrigued me. So far, this is the only BBH song I’m all that into.


  3. rgr-pop:

    • 1: my top 10 favourite bands.
    • 2: my top 10 favourite albums.
    • 3: my top 10 favourite songs.
    • 4: top 10 most attractive musicians in my opinion (dead or alive).
    • 5: do i listen to mp3s/cds/cassettes/vinyls.
    • 6: most overrated bands.
    • 7: most underrated bands.
    • 8: a guilty pleasure.
    • 9: the first band i really liked.
    • 10: the first album i bought with my own money.
    • 11: what bands my parents got me into.
    • 12: bands i have seen live.
    • 13: bands i want to see live.
    • 14: my favourite film soundtrack.
    • 15: what song am i listening to right now.
    • 16: last album i bought.
    • 17: a song i dislike from my favourite band.
    • 18: a band i used to love but now hate.
    • 19: least favourite bands.
    • 20: favourite concert ever.

    Syrja and i are hoarding a video we made of all the questions you’ve already asked us, someday you might see it.

    You should ask me these things, though, so I can occupy myself during sewing breaks. I reserve the right not to answer any of them, especially #6 #7 #8.

    You should also ask me to list other music-related things.

    I just decided I needed to do this.

    (Source: louderthanhardcore)


  4. Jawbreaker, Fifteen, One Man Running, Spitboy, compilations, Ghost Mice, The Gr’ups, Discount… Mostly things I love. I’m rebuilding my digital music collection since my CDs have all magically disappeared, so this blog is saving my life tonight, especially since I have a whole day or driving ahead of me tomorrow.


  5. Positive affirmation for the day: “Rich” (Jawbreaker)

    Everyone already knows I’m all about Jawbreaker. I know everyone says the same shit, but there’s just something that resonates with me that I can’t find with many other bands.

    "Rich" is one of my very favorite songs, and one of these days, when I have the money and a really good idea, I’m getting the chorus tattooed on me. I use this song as an affirmation all the time, and this is one of those days where I really need it. When I get really depressed and feel like I’m never going to finish school, move out, find a job, be happy, or whatever it is, I use it to remind myself that shit can’t always suck. Someday, something’s going to fall into place. Maybe not everything, but maybe it’ll be enough.


  6. I kind of can’t believe this “You listen to something other than punk? Everything that’s not punk/black metal/crust/whatever fucking sucks and you’re a poser!” attitude still exists.

    When I was in middle school, I was part of a group of kids whose daily wardrobes consisted of black pants, black band tees (almost exclusively Danzig-fronted bands), and Vans. We were into The Misfits, AFI, Cradle of Filth, Samhain, The Ramones, and all the other shit you’d probably expect of “dark” middle schoolers. We were vehemently anti-rap, anti-country, anti-everything that wasn’t punk, hardcore, or metal. I didn’t even like college/indie rock! 

    Now that I’m no longer 12, though, I understand how fucking stupid it is to discount something just because it’s different. Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for a lot of pop and dance music, probably because I was a dancer between the ages of 2 and maybe 16 or 17, and that’s confused a lot of people, but let’s be real, we all have our guilty pleasures. There’s no need to attack someone for enjoying Nicki Minaj just because their favorite band is Capitalist Casualties or something.

    Liking stuff outside of the punk and hardcore spectrum should be nothing to be ashamed of. As much as I love punk and hardcore, I love stupid dancey pop music, much like you might hear at a hip San Francisco gay bar. So what? Music is music; if it makes you feel good (or sad or angry or whatever you want or need to feel), enjoy it.


  7. I think I’ve seen The Cure play for somewhere around 5 or 6 hours total in my lifetime and I’m only 20.

    This is an incredible realization. Is it wrong that 5 or 6 hours isn’t quite enough?


  8. Currently listening to: Rozz Williams and Christian Death.

    I burned myself a copy of AFI’s Art of Drowning with All Hallows EP and A Fire Inside EP tacked on because I had room. That’ll go in the car so I can stop listening to Crash Love, Dookie, and Can of Pork for a while.

    In the cooler months, I’m all about pop punk and folk punk and indie and the like, but in the summer, I become the most miserable goth.


  9. thinkanddiethinking:


    Stoked for this. Hopefully I can actually make it this time heh.