1. I’m going to be honest here.

    My armpits are totally brutal these days. My father’s Italian genes are quite strong, and for years, I really hated that, but these days, I don’t care. I no longer mind being short, fat, and hairy, because there’s totally nothing wrong with it, no matter what people seem to think. My family can think I’m gross all they want, but hey, they made me this way.

    Speaking of armpits, I occasionally use Tom’s of Maine long lasting deodorant, and when I shaved, it would turn my armpits red and make them itchy and peely. Since I’ve stopped shaving, I haven’t used the deodorant much (mostly because it’s not 110 degrees anymore), but lately, I’m noticing peeling skin again. It doesn’t burn, and it doesn’t really itch, but I’m not exactly fond of having my skin flaking off. I’ve also found (and a friend said the same thing) that if I actually do sweat, the deodorant makes me smell way worse than I do without it, which blows.

    I’m not sure which of the ingredients it is that’s bothering me, but upon reading a number of reviews, it seems that this particular formulation irritates a lot of people’s skin. Is anyone aware of a better natural deodorant, preferably one that doesn’t cost much more and comes in a lavender scent?


  2. I wish I could take a picture that would actually capture the wonderful shape I managed to get my eyebrows into today. I also think my contouring was done quite well today, although I look a little redder than usual. (I generally look mostly colorless or just a little pink.) I’ve got a gnarly pimple over my left brow today, too. Hormones rule.

    Also: I got a bottle of Desert Essence tea tree oil mouthwash today. I’ve used it twice and I love it already. It makes my mouth feel clean, slightly minty, and it isn’t drying because it has no alcohol. Way better than Listerine and shit, especially because it’s natural. Tea tree oil is also an excellent antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal. It’s great for healing wounds, too.


  3. My mom bought this for me today. The main active ingredient is capsaicin, so I’m a little afraid to try it while people are still awake, just in case I cry a little.

    I’ll let you know how it goes when I get a little braver.


  4. Alright, so I finally got brave enough to try the Sinus Buster.

    Yeah, this shit definitely fucking burns. It’s honestly not as bad as I had been anticipating, given the reviews I read, but it’s far from comfy. (When you’re putting pepper spray up your nose, though, what can you expect?) I only used one spray per nostril (the bottle suggests 1-3 per nostril, as needed), but my nose is already pouring. The burning went away after maybe fifteen seconds, so it’s definitely not bad enough to turn me off of the product, especially with such quick results. I needed one tissue per nostril when I went to blow my nose hah.

    If you suffer from sinus pain and congestion, I suggest giving Sinus Buster a try. It’s natural and non-habit forming, but it can cost up to $15 a bottle. (I don’t think you’d run the risk of overusing it, though, because it is kind of uncomfortable.)

    Ingredients: capsicum annuum 4x/5x (capsaicin), ascorbic acid (crystallized Vitamin C), Eucalyptol, purified water, Rosemary extract, sea salt, vegetable glycerin.


  5. I got this (J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Relief Mist) on closeout for $1.79 today at Walgreens (or possibly CVS, but I think this is a Walgreens thing). It’s not strong enough to work like Vics or anything would (they had a chest rub on closeout, too, but I knew I didn’t really need it because I’ve got a jar of ancient Vics that still works just fine), but I’ve sprayed it a bunch of times in my room tonight and it’s certainly soothing. My sinuses are really bothering me, but the smell of menthol at least makes me feel like I should feel better.

    I’m the kind of weirdo who’d have no problem using this as a sort of perfume.