1. I have a bunch of fresh copies of otherXcore #3! Also: other stuff.

    If you’d like a copy of otherXcore #3 and like to do things old-school, mail $2 (or a check or money order for $2, made out to Samantha Retton) to PO box 391, Madera, CA 93639. I’ll send you a copy in return ASAP.

    To anyone who’s been waiting on a trade from me: spring break starts next week and I’m planning to get caught up on all of my mail (and papers for school) during the vacation, since I can’t afford to do anything else.

    And finally, if you never have before, check out Outlook! They’re an amazing radical female-fronted hardcore band from Olympia, WA. They’ve played Fresno a handful of times, including tonight, and every single time, I’m astounded at how great they are, how much people get into them, and how rad they are as people. They’re the best people to share vegan food, Cactus Coolers, and zines with. They’re on a huge seven-week US tour, and if they’re playing anywhere near you, I highly suggest checking them out. There aren’t enough women in hardcore, and bands that tackle issues like homelessness, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, gentrification, and things like that can be hard to find.


  2. Outlook is an amazing band from Olympia, WA. If you’re into hardcore and don’t know of them, check them out.

    They’re going to be playing an insanely awesome fest up in Olympia that you should also check out if you have the means. It’s called New Direction Fest and it’s taking place August 3-5 this year. There will be great hardcore and punk bands, workshops and skillshares, vendors, and good vibes. A bunch of us Fresnans are hoping to make it up there.


  3. newdirectionfest:

    Latterman- “My Dreams About Not Sleeping Until 3pm”

    -“So yeah, I must remind myself 
    I can be active with the activists 
    or sleep in with the sleepers. 
    But I don’t have the answers. 
    But I know another lonely night on this couch 
    won’t do anything for my world or myself.   

    We’re SO excited for the LATTERMAN REUNION at NDF 2012! 

    If anyone wants to throw money at me so some friends and I can go to NDF and I can FINALLY SEE LATTERMAN WHO I ADORE, my PayPal address is sxretton at gmail dot com. I have no legitimate reasons to ask for money (such as an abortion, losing my home, an important surgery), but I would really love to check out Olympia for the first time and try to get some Fresno zines circulated up there. I wanted to go to the PDX Zine Symposium, too, but it’s a few weeks later, and if I get to go at all, it’s one or the other, and the fest would mean lots of friends and acquaintances. I’m depriving myself of food and local shows in hopes of getting out of California for a few days this summer.


  4. newdirectionfest:

    You all have fifty minutes left to catch this action. 

    If you’re in Olympia, go give these lovely people your money and let them wash your car so they can raise money for New Direction Fest.


  5. Tour


    Tour in June. Plan on going up to Seattle. Dates will be released soon. If you want to help us with a show, especially in the Bay/Santa Cruz, please hit us up.


    Northern California and Pacific Northwest, take note! Please help Cabin Fire get a summer tour going!