1. Procrastination is eventually going to kill me.

    I’ve finished one page of a four-page paper on DuBois’ criticism of Booker T. Washington’s “Atlanta Exposition Address,” due tomorrow. I’ve got two more four-page papers due on the 26th, a six-page paper on “The Turn of the Screw” on May 1, a proposal and annotated bibliography for LGBTQ Lit due next Tuesday, I believe, and then that paper sometime in May as well as revisions of six poems and a revision of one of my CNF pieces.

    Can I die yet?

    Also, no one had any opinions on my Oscar Wilde question? I’d really like peoples’ thoughts on it heh. Or maybe no one knows what the hell I’m talking about?

    Jeff Ott sent me a picture of the Morton Salt plant in Utah on Facebook. Jeff Ott knows I love Jawbreaker.


  2. Cramps, annotated bibliographies, Bright Eyes…

    I’m feeling sappy and weird and I’m way too tempted to procrastinate on finishing this proposal and annotated bibliography.

    All I want to do is hang out in the back yard, in the cool grass, staring at the sky and taking advantage of the fact that I live in an area with a relatively small amount of light pollution and can actually see the stars. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing this with someone, either, which is weird considering I generally hate physical contact.

    Tonight might be a Jets to Brazil night. There’s a 90% chance of showers from my face before I go to sleep.


  3. "Striking" today.

    I’m really just being a lazy-ass and finishing up work I should have done over the weekend. I’ve been doing it, but it’s just refused to allow me to finish it.

    But really, I wish I knew of more “revolutionary” stuff going on at Fresno State, today and every day. Our tuition keeps climbing higher and higher, the administration still makes an absolutely sickening amount of money, units are now capped at 16 so most of us won’t be able to graduate in the time-frame we had planned, GE classes like math take place in huge halls and have about 200 students per section, there are literally only two or three sections of Political Science 2 every semester (which is the only political science GE course, which means that every single student is required to take it), they’ve spent a bunch of money on a “rebranding” campaign that basically ended with a boring new logo that’s not very different from the old one, the Save Mart Center fucking exists, the school isn’t accepting new students, it’s very likely that the student health center fee will go up next year…

    I’ve got a lot to be pissed about. The entire student body does. Much of the staff does, too, really. I know college is a business these days, but at this point, I feel like I might as well have gone to a private school. I’ll be paying private school prices by the time I finally get my BA at this rate, anyway. I’ve been at State for four semesters (going into my fifth) and there have been two fee-hikes enacted and a third approved (if I remember correctly). BULL FUCKING SHIT.


  4. Why do I feel like I should be watching Aiden videos instead of finishing my homework or sleeping? Possible answers include:

    • This video rules.
    • My nails remind me of this video.
    • Aiden still kinda rules (but shhhhhh).
    • My sister had another of her random migraines and puked and I’d rather not think about it.
    • I just don’t care about school because there’s one more day of instruction.
    • Okay, it’s probably because Aiden still kinda rules.

  5. Confession

    I haven’t finished any of my zines because this has been one of those summers where I do nothing but sleep, eat bread, listen to goth music, and read gay smut.

    Sorry, guys.


  6. To those of you who didn’t know me in any way in middle school, I apologize, but you’ve been seeing an awful lot of middle school me lately and will likely continue to for the next few months.

    My sincerest apologies, friends.

    Hopefully, I’ll go back to my middle school affinity for big, flowery words, too, because I kind of enjoyed that.

    In other news, I still haven’t started my 24 hour zine. It’s definitely almost crunch-time. Why has every day of this month been so incredibly inconvenient? I have a job interview tomorrow, so unless I start this afternoon, it looks like my only options are Monday and Tuesday. I’m going to end up psyching myself out and flaking.


  7. Watching AFI interviews instead of putting my makeup morgue together or getting ready for work. I didn’t even do this when I was all about AFI.

    Part of me really wants to write a zine examining weird aspects of AFI, or perhaps an exploration of Davey’s fashion sense, persona, stage presence, and lyrics and how they’ve changed over time and perhaps what factors have shaped them (economics, politics, age, et cetera), but I’m pretty sure a lot of people who read zines don’t like AFI and people who like AFI don’t read zines.


  8. I have to shower, write a women’s studies paper, skim over Twelfth Night to refresh my memory for English class, and then go to work, so if I’m around here too much this afternoon, please feel free to berate me.


  9. Forgot to buy a parking pass for school tomorrow. Three roads on/near campus are under construction. They’ve had computer systems down. I’m unprepared, but it seems the school is, too.

    Can I drop out yet, or..?