1. mimimemeko:

    Our society is:


    “Straight until proven gay”


    “Black, asian, and normal”


    “Male=gender neutral”


    “Getting married one day is inevitable and compulsory.”


    “Marry someone of the opposite sex, have several biological children, form a nuclear family. Everyone does this eventually.”


    “Are you religious? = Are you Christian?”


    “Lady Gaga has a penis? Lol so she’s been a man this whole time???”


    “You’re with a girl? Oh, so you’re gay now? Now you’re with a guy? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”

    Yes, yes, yes!

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  2. I have some racist junk to share!

    So, I’ve seen the commercial for the Snapple “Half & Half” a number of times, but it wasn’t until today that I really paid attention to it and noticed that, uh… it’s really fucking racist.


    Uh.. yeah. An Asian man in yellow representing lemonade vs. a black man in brown defending black tea? Hmmm. Something tells me that’s not coincidence.

    Also, you know Vosges gourmet chocolate? In case you’re not aware, they manufacture and sell ridiculously overpriced chocolates, some of which do look and sound absolutely incredible, but I’m not ready to pay $75 for a cute chocolate mushroom with dark chocolate and reishi mushroom filling. Anyway, in honor of Black History Month, they’ve released a $125 box of chocolates inspired by the impact African Americans have had on music. This impact can be seen in the names of the individual chocolates:

    Field Songs –roasted yams + maple syrup + African grains of paradise + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
    Rural Blues – Anson Mills grits + burnt brown sugar caramel + dried corn kernel + white chocolate 
    New Orleans Jazz – Café du Monde™ chicory coffee + 66% cacao dark chocolate 
    Blues – Hickory smoked bacon + bacon morsels + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate 
    Gospel – caramelized pecan praline + pecan pieces + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate 
    Bebop – Middle Eastern sumac (a tart, red berry) + fresh mint + sumac powder + 65% cacao dark chocolate 
    Rhythm & Blues – Jack Daniels® Tennessee Whiskey + sugar cane powder + 65% cacao dark chocolate 
    Rock ‘n’ Roll – Kentucky tobacco smoked deep milk chocolate 44% cacao + clove powder
    Soul & Motown – sweet churned cultured butter ganache + Fleur de Sel sea salt + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate 
    Funk & Disco – buttermilk banana pudding + vanilla powder + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
    Rap – horseradish + lemon zest + praline + cocoa nibs + 65% cacao dark chocolate 
    Hip Hop – Krug® Champagne + edible gold leaf + white chocolate

    I’m white, so I know I don’t really have the authority to make the call on this, but these flavor names and combinations are a little cringe-worthy, to me. 10% of the proceeds from this box go to Little Kids Rock, an organization dedicated to keeping music in schools, so at least there’s that. I just don’t really see why they needed to make sure to include grits, tobacco, sugar cane, and gold leaf in their candies.


  3. You have no idea how glad I am that my Descendents post is one of my most popular ones.

    Someone on Tumblr had to say it. And I was right: literally no one “liked” or commented on that post on Facebook.

    I know how uncomfortable it can be to realize how shitty one of your favorite bands is in one way or another. I feel that way about AFI sometimes when I think about how much privilege Davey Havok has probably always had despite all his lyrical whining. I’ve always been the same way, though; I just try to keep my privilege in mind and acknowledge that others have it a lot worse.

    Sometimes, though, as much as those realizations suck, they can be really important. There’s this idea that punk is perfect, that there’s no sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any of that other shit, but when we look at things like the lyrics to “Hope,” (which, sadly, is one of my favorite Descendents songs as far as the melody goes), it’s like a reminder that this shit is out there. There’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms of creating a community that’s all-inclusive and fun for everyone.

    Yeah, it sucks when someone you like doesn’t wanna fuck you. However, as much as I adore pop-punk (and I really, really do, especially the ’90s stuff), I’m sick of this “friend-zone” misogynistic bullshit. I’m all for songs about unrequited love as long as they don’t make anyone out to be a whore or a tease just for wanting something different.

    Now let’s all go listen to J Church and think about inclusivity in punk spaces. 


  4. "Let’s make the Mexicans sweep and rake like they used to."

    I can’t even believe half the shit that comes out of my dad’s mouth sometimes.

    Holy shit.


  5. I used to watch Bridezillas all the time (not really for fun, just because nothing else was on), but now I can’t stand all the “OMG look how crazy women are!” vibes.

    Okay, weddings are definitely stressful affairs, especially now that they’re more commercialized than meaningful, and not everyone handles that very well, but shows like this put a really shitty spin on women. Not that that’s unusual at all, because while I’m too lazy to do the research right now, I’m gonna say that about 75% of reality TV shows are mostly about women “being crazy” or fighting, even when they’re totally not supposed to be about that at all.

    OMG, when women PMS, they’re insane and frigid and abusive and cry a lot.

    OMG, females are all bitches. (I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I see women posting shit like that on Facebook.)

    OMG, women are stupid and irrational.

    OMG, Chicanas are even worse.

    but OMG, black women are the worst!

    HEY, TELEVISION: SHUT THE FUCK UP. I cry a lot, and I’m probably a bitch, but guess what, I know men who are tons more irrational and emotional than I am. Maybe if women hadn’t been programmed from birth (mostly by the media) to consume, weddings wouldn’t be such a fiasco for us.

    If I ever get married, I’m going to make my dress or suit or whatever out of fucking garbage bags and rhinestones and serve soup in the style of Food Not Bombs and expect people to sit on the ground or just stand. And you’ll never see me flashing some blood diamond, because I’m not into that and I don’t see myself ever winding up with anyone who could afford one anyway.

    I’m gonna just turn the TV off and watch more John Waters movies before I get even more depressed at the way women are portrayed on TV.


  6. As Oakhurst is unincorporated, the town just south of Yosemite National Park has no city council or mayor. The Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce instead sponsors the honorary race, where “candidates” raise money for charity. Each dollar raised is a vote and the candidate that raises the most money for their charity wins the race.

    I mean, I guess that’s exactly how they work, but with corporations instead of charities, but maybe if everything worked more like it does in Oakhurst, the world would be a better place.*

    *Except for the fact that it’s home to a lot of members of the white supremacist Small Town Peckerwoods gang, many of whom refuse to live in the actual city of Madera because of the large population of Mexican immigrants. Skinhead mountain folk suck.


  7. feministpizza:











    At first I was like lol, but then I serioused.

    For real!?

    Like I don’t even know what to fucking say.

    Oh Hi Racism!

    Well, I’d like to light everything on fire today.

    Fucking disgusting.

    Not a hoax. This is a real ad. Multipass travel: see Asia like racists do!

    are you fucking serious


    wait… I thought this was mocking racists? it’s actually… praising them?


    im done

    come here multipasstravel. LET ME FUCK YOU UP! 

    “to read text screw up your eyes”? 


    Lord have mercy.

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  8. When I was in high school a friend of mine was killed in a car wreck. He was not wearing his seat belt and thrown from his vehicle. “God’s plan” language was used often at my high school that year. Claiming that the incident was divinely ordered helped people cope with their grief. It was easier than claiming the sad truth that, if my friend had buckled his seatbelt, he likely would have survived. Blaming the victim is never healthy, but blaming God for our own mistakes is no better.

    Rev. Adam J. Copeland (5 Reasons to Stop Calling Things ‘God’s Plan’)

    This is an article in response to Geroge Zimmerman’s statement that what he done was in “God’s Plan”.

    (via whatwhiteswillneverknow)

    All day yesterday I was obsessed with this clip from the view, where Barbara Walters is talking about how she didn’t end up interviewing George Zimmerman because he made demands that she couldn’t grant (reports say he demanded money to pay his hotel bill).

    Obviously at first it was disorienting for me to be watching people in modern clothing discussing contemporary issues because I mostly only watch old BBC shows, but once I got over that, I was really into Ms. Walters’s obvious anger at having missed out on the interview. Like you can see how pissed she is, she wanted it, knew it would be a big get, she even let him go on Hannity, when usually she holds out for an exclusive, she is SO MAD, and it is kind of cool to see her still nakedly ambitious and wanting to win.

    However, she then goes on to lay out all kinds of pro-Zimmerman stuff that she should not be putting out there if she isn’t going to air an interview. Ohhh he is in hiding? POOR GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Was the hour she spent with him on or off the record? Why is she talking about his (supposed) grandmother and repeating what his lawyers said about the FBI supposedly interviewing people who said Zimmerman is not a racist? That’s bullshit hearsay. “He mentored two black children.” REALLY?

    But then the other ladies started talking and IS THAT ROSEANNE BARR? WHAT? And then I loved when Barbara quoted Zimmerman saying it was God’s will, and the lady in the red was all, “If you go to prison, well I guess that’s God’s will part two,” and then the other lady says, perfectly seriously, “Well that’s not God’s will, that’s Satan. Satan is alive and well!” AND THEY JUST KEEP TALKING LIKE THAT’S A TOTES NORMS THING TO SAY.

    Is this something that happens on TV a lot? WTF? Satan! is alive!

    (via mikkipedia)

    For some bizarre reason, I was watching The View when this happened hah. I was also really into her anger; she didn’t give a single fuck about acting like everything was okay with her, and of course she deserved to be angry over the fact that he went on Hannity because he’s an asshole. I know that very well because I’ve been forced to listen to his radio show countless times by my parents.

    I wasn’t sure if she was actually trying to be pro-Zimmerman or if she was being sarcastic? It seemed like she knew how fucking stupid it sounded to say that because he’d known some black people, he wasn’t racist. 

    And as for that Satan comment, that one woman is just way, way too Christian and makes no apologies for it, so that’s normal for her. I was a little surprised at it, but I know she says shit like that all the time, so I guess I shouldn’t have been. 

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  9. newmodelminority:




    Ohio Murder Shines National Spotlight On LGBT Violence: Kendall L. Hampton, a 26-year-old gender non-conforming person, was found dead in Cincinnati late Saturday night.

    The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is calling attention to the fatal shooting of Kendall L. Hampton, a gender non-conforming person who had allegedly engaged in acts of sex work.

    The 26-year-old victim was discovered in the parking lot of a Cincinatti convenience store last Saturday, reported FOX19. Hampton was pronounced dead later that night at the city’s University Hospital. Police are currently searching for the gunman.

    The NCAVP, along with the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization, is working to determine if gender identity or race were motivators in the crime. Apart from Hampton, the organization has learned of the murders of eight people this year who identified as transgender or were gender non-conforming.

    According to a recent report by NCAVP, 87% of the 30 reported hate murder victims in 2011 were LGBT people of color. The organization encourages those affected by violence to contact their nearest anti-violence program, which may be found on its website.

    To contact police regarding Kendall Jackson, call (513) 352-3040.

    This makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. 

    We need LGBT folks to fucking get trained in weapons—this means knives and guns—and in unarmed self-defense techniques. This is a war.

    meanwhile a shitstorm over pussy riot’s mofucking 2 years in prison. as tpoc (particularly black trans women) are DYING. not here for it. you can call it training violence, i’ll call it teaching survival.

    Fuck. I am sorry little bear.

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  10. rivertrash:

    I saw this scrolling through my Twitter feed today and started crying on the bus. This world. It’s just too much.

    I’ve seen one mention of this outside of Tumblr. Just one. Kind of seems like a bigger deal to me than that.

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