1. Quick thoughts on the new Dual Action Ricola lozenges.

    First off, they’re hella cheap right now because they’re new.

    Secondly, they only come in one flavor, which is kind of lame, considering Ricola’s wonderful assortment of other lozenges. Either way, though, it’s hard to go wrong with cherry when it comes to these things.

    I like that Ricola’s products rely on herbs rather than chemicals. That’s pretty important to me. These drops have a ton of menthol, and holy shit, you can’t miss it. I could barely even tell these were supposed to taste like cherry because it was so strong. When the syrup started gushing into my mouth, I felt like I’d just used Listerine. These are extremely, extremely intense drops heh. I think they put Halls to shame. They’re quite effective, though, in soothing the throat and stopping most coughing. They’re also really good for clearing up any congestion, which is a pretty good bonus, despite the fact that it requires having to suffer through the most ridiculous mouthful of menthol you’ll ever experience.

    They’re going to be excellent to have around, but for minor sore throats, I’ll stick to Luden’s (or other hard candy), and for everything else, regular Ricola lozenges will probably work out fine. I’ll save these for really stuffy noses and particularly bad fits of coughing.


  2. I think I caught strep throat somewhere.

    I don’t have a fever, as far as I can tell, but my throat feels swollen and raw, and for once, I don’t even have cold symptoms, like a stuffy nose, which is normally a daily occurrence.

    All I know is that my throat pain woke me less than three hours into my slumber and that’s fucked up, no matter what it is.

    Today, I intend to go buy some lemons, some more honey, and maybe even some fresh ginger (probably my least favorite thing on earth) and force as much of it down my throat as possible. I’ll probably throw some garlic in the mix, too. I’m super broke, but at this point, gas and food can wait.

    Any other “folk remedies” for strep or sore throat in general would be appreciated. I’ve got ACV on hand and I’ll be taking even more than the double-doses of oregano oil and olive leaf I’ve been taking for the past few days.


  3. I took the virgin hot toddy to a new level.

    • lemons
    • honey
    • cayenne
    • ginger
    • turmeric

    It’s only mildly gnarly, and ginger and turmeric have great healing properties. I did have to add more honey to make it palatable after I added them, but it’s not bad. I intend to just take sips whenever I need it today, so I’m not too worried about the flavor. Two sips and my throat started clearing up a bit.


  4. In more important news (if you’re really into my life or something), my throat is so god damn itchy that I kind of want to reach in there and scratch the shit out of it. Suddenly, my allergies are really insane or I’m getting a cold but my sister stole all of the lozenges in the house because she has mono or whatever. 

    Bring me lemons.