1. I have no idea why the fuck there should even be a question as to why George Zimmerman should be arrested. Had Trayvon Martin shot Zimmerman, he’d have been tried as an adult and thrown in jail immediately, I’m sure.

    I’m constantly astounded by how fucked up the world is and how pervasive white privilege really is. A kid can be murdered for “walking while black” and his killer can roam free while black men are arrested for less every day. I’m even more astounded that so many people have no idea that this shit is going on.

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  2. You have no idea how glad I am that my Descendents post is one of my most popular ones.

    Someone on Tumblr had to say it. And I was right: literally no one “liked” or commented on that post on Facebook.

    I know how uncomfortable it can be to realize how shitty one of your favorite bands is in one way or another. I feel that way about AFI sometimes when I think about how much privilege Davey Havok has probably always had despite all his lyrical whining. I’ve always been the same way, though; I just try to keep my privilege in mind and acknowledge that others have it a lot worse.

    Sometimes, though, as much as those realizations suck, they can be really important. There’s this idea that punk is perfect, that there’s no sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any of that other shit, but when we look at things like the lyrics to “Hope,” (which, sadly, is one of my favorite Descendents songs as far as the melody goes), it’s like a reminder that this shit is out there. There’s still a lot of room for improvement in terms of creating a community that’s all-inclusive and fun for everyone.

    Yeah, it sucks when someone you like doesn’t wanna fuck you. However, as much as I adore pop-punk (and I really, really do, especially the ’90s stuff), I’m sick of this “friend-zone” misogynistic bullshit. I’m all for songs about unrequited love as long as they don’t make anyone out to be a whore or a tease just for wanting something different.

    Now let’s all go listen to J Church and think about inclusivity in punk spaces. 


  3. "I don’t consider myself white; I’m just human."

    Ugh, STFU and GTFO.

    Fellow white people, we are white, and whether we want to acknowledge it or not (our privilege allows us not to, by the way, because even though some of us do get harassed by cops and shit like that, systematically-speaking, it happens to us a lot less than anyone else), that gives us a lot of freedoms that other humans (woah, get this- other races see themselves as human, too!) don’t have.

    You’re white. Deal with it.

    *NOTE: I realize that the intent behind this idea is far from bad, but seriously, there’s no such thing as a colorblind society, and I don’t know if there ever will be. Maybe, but it’ll take probably hundreds of years and some drastic change to weed out systematic racism.


  4. Felt my white privilege more intensely than usual today.

    I went to one of the Mexican supermarkets with my mom today, the one we always go to, (which is frequented by white people because one, it’s the only grocery store in that part of town, really, and two, the prices are insanely awesome) and it was totally swamped. (I’ve never been on a Sunday afternoon, but I think it was kind of a post-mass, post-remate rush.) While we were in line, there were kids running around, as always, and two of them were throwing those big balls they keep in those cage things. Know what I mean? Anyway, this little boy bounced his ball towards his sister and it hit my mom, and she just looked back and stared at him (for way too long, if you ask me) and his older sister started apologizing profusely. It was depressing. Personally, I have a ton more patience than my mom, so shit like that doesn’t bother me in the slightest anymore (unless I know it’s intentional, in which case, I do get pissed but generally brush it off anyway).

    Even when an aisle’s a little crowded or blocked, both of my parents have a tendency to make really stupid noises of aggravation and shit, as if they’re being inconvenienced by other people going about their business.

    I love my parents, and I’m by no means a perfect person, but sometimes, the way they act towards other people really disappoints me.


  5. paradiscacorbasi:


    It really needs to be stated that, while I’m actually all for punching people in the face, all this praise about it is unsettling. Cause, it’s all about white privilege. I do not have the ability to punch someone in the face at a bar. I would have my ass kicked and then be sent to jail, if the cops didn’t kill me first. A black woman would not have this chance either. Neither would a great deal of brown people. We’ve seen very recently with CeCe Mcdonald that at trans person of color has no rights to defend themselves against threats and violence.

    It’s interesting how quickly we have forgotten all the stories of POCs protecting themselves and dying or going to jail for it. I have yet to see one single mention of this in all the high fiving going on over this. What we have here is white privilege. For those of you who don’t know: White privilege is being able to punch someone in the nose at a bar and not be dead or in jail because of it. It doesn’t matter why she punched him or how much he may have deserved to be punched.  What matters is that afterwards she gets hand claps and applause. 

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be happy for her or anything. I’m just saying that in the midst of all this celebrating we should stop and think about how the only way this works is if she’s white (or white passing). This was the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw the post on my dashboard, and I didn’t say anything because I was sure someone else would bring it up by now, and probably word it better. But if this discussion is being had, I haven’t seen it. So here I am to rain on everyone’s parade.

    Hooray random white girl. I hope you’re able to keep this kind of thing up and never suffer the consequences. But to everyone else dancing in the streets, I’d like you to watch your language. I’d like you to be mindful of the world we live in. This is the kind of response that only a white person would be allowed to get away with. Angry black people who are constantly dealing with threats of violence and rape are not allowed to respond angrily to anything. Especially if the comments are not directed specifically at us. 

    Let’s not forget this. That dude wasn’t talking to her. He was just talking to his friends about another random woman and this white woman punched him in the face. I hear random people saying absurdly violent and racist shit ALL THE TIME. But they aren’t talking to me. If I just walked up to someone and punched them in the face, I don’t get high fives. I get killed. I get killed if they are talking to me, but if they are specifically talking to someone else? Dead. All the way dead. Most POC don’t have the right to overhear really vile and offensive shit and interject, especially not violently.

    So for serious, let’s chill out with the dance party. It’s cool she punched some dude for making rape jokes. I got no problem with that. Let’s just tone down how awesome we think this is. Cause it really isn’t that cool. It’s a white person doing something only white people can do. I’m really not about throwing parties for it.  

    Editors Note: Did anyone ask for proof? Was anyone like “We don’t know what they really said?” Cause. When Dionthesocialist posted his story about the cops killing that dude there were nothing but people jumping up to say they needed validation.  It’s just a thought that crossed my mind. I don’t need validation. I believe every word of her story. I’m just saying that tumblr is big on not believing people (of color).

    All valid points.  I could never get away with punching somebody upside the head for reasons blacksentai has mentioned above.  I’m glad she was able to, but the truth is the world doesn’t like it when us brown people get uppity and act like we deserve courtesy, common decency, safety, respect, etc.

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  6. I realize that I’m just as white as any other white person and that my privilege is pretty equal to theirs, but I can not even begin to understand the entitlement issues some people have. My dad is an excellent example. We were switching our internet to Comcast and he was told to be home between 10 AM and 2 PM. At some point, they called and told him to be there till 7. His solution: call, complain, cancel. I mean, yeah, it really sucks to lose an entire work day or time you could be using for other things, but come on. He does that literally all the time. He boycotted Safeway for ages (as a matter of fact, he still won’t shop there) because there were some pallets and boxes blocking an aisle once.

    But what led me to post this was a Facebook post by this girl I went to high school with. She’s young, white, newly thin (through surgical means), and a law student. She. Complains. About everything. If she has the slightest issue with a person, place, or thing, not only will she broadcast it repeatedly through Facebook and Twitter, she’ll go to the person/place/thing’s Facebook page and leave complaints all over their wall and then proceed, undoubtedly, to make complaints to management and other higher-ups in person or via phone. I’m sure she’s made a lot of peoples’ lives hell.

    This takes me back to when I was contemplating the ways race and class relate to Yelp reviews. Ugh.